Northshore Window and Guttering Cleaning prides itself on personal service

As an owner operator, Paul offers a no fuss, no mess approach to getting the job completed in a friendly manner, treating every clients property as he would his own

Satisfaction in a well done job has been the hallmark of Pauls work over several years as can be testified by the hundreds of clients who regularly call on his services

Over the years his window cleaning business has expanded to include:

Gutter cleaning:

Regular gutter cleaning service offered.
Completed separately or before window cleaning means a competitive price compared to calling in another company.
Often it may be just a quick look around the roof to check no problems exist. A blocked downpipe can be quickly cleared.

Leaking roof – Minor roof repairs:

Another service offered is a visual inspection of your roof. Broken or cracked tiles, often from falling tree branches are easily replaced.
More detailed work can be undertaken if necessary.

Gutter Solutions:

Want a more permanent gutter solution?
The old black plastic mesh in the gutter doesn’t work, FULL STOP! and in many cases neither does the newer-mesh under first tile to gutters edge.
Leaves sit atop, break down and clog the system.
After many years in the business, Paul has found a product that works and will end the saga of blocked downpipes.
A product originally developed in Queensland, requires little maintenance and can be offered at a competitive price to other gutter guard products.

Soft Wash:

Exterior house washing service. Blackened paintwork often restored to as new. Green mould gone. Selling your house? Refresh the exterior paintwork.
Window frames, eaves, facias, all paintwork cleaned using only soft brushes. No harsh, damaging high pressure blasters. Fantastic results.

High pressure cleaning:

Driveways, paths, walkways, concrete + tiles, miraculous, back to new results.

Apartments, Units, offices, Factories:

All will be completed with minimum of fuss and no disruption to owners or workers.
For the larger jobs, Paul has several associates who – also having their own cleaning business – can be relied on to help provide professional assistance.
Week-end work undertaken.

Cherry picker:

Difficult access, high reach, mobile tracked vehicle.
Utilizing one of Pauls longtime associates who is readily available to assist. Himself, an excellent window cleaning we can reduce man-house and offer a tighter budget. No complicated hire or rentals needed.

Strata management:

Easy, simple invoice methods. Compliance with insurance. Registered.